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Initial Investment

What does it take to own an Essential Speech and ABA Therapy Clinic?

Depending on your location,
the average initial investment,
including our franchise start up fees,
is approximately $350K*

Initial Franchise Fee:

Credentialing, Training & Professional Fees: $7,500-$11,500

Software, Technology & Equipment Fees:

image0 (26)_edited.jpg

Insurance, Permits, Licensing,
Therapy Materials Fees:

Signage, Real Estate, & Utilities Fees:

Marketing, Advertising, & Grand Opening Fees:

Franchisee Requirements 

There are 3 requirements to be approved for an Essential Speech and ABA Therapy clinic. 

Image by vu anh

Capital & Liquidity

Franchisees need to have 20% liquidity of the loan request amount. You can collateralize the loan through equity, real estate, bonds/stocks.  

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya


Interested Franchisees need to have a minimum credit score of 680+

Image by Anna Kolosyuk

Compassionate Heart

We are looking for Franchisees who not only want financial freedom but have a compassionate  mindset. They want to be a part of the overall vision of helping our most vulnerable population achieve success!

We believe we are the

Gold Standard in ABA Services and therefore we have extensive measures in place, including conducting background checks on all potential owners to ensure we hand pick the very best to serve our community.

Become a Franchisee!
How much Liquid Capital do you have to invest?

We will be in touch with you soon!

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