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Why Choose Us?

The Gold Standard of ABA 

Our Collaborative and Comprehensive Therapy facilities have been carefully created to provide children access to a multitude of services all in one facility. Many parents spend endless amount of hours having to coordinate, drive and facilitate getting their child to multiple therapies a week.
As a parent, receiving an autism diagnosis can feel overwhelming and scary. Essential Speech and ABA Therapy Facilities help bridge the gap, providing support, resources and a pathway to the Essential Therapies a child diagnosed with Autism is needing. 

At Essential Speech and ABA Therapy we provide our clients with onsite access to Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and ABA Therapy, all conveniently located in one facility. Our Therapists work together to facilitate a customized treatment plan for each child to fit their needs and therapy goals. Families and children benefit immensely in our collaborative team approach.


When hiring within, instead of contracting our children out for additional services, we have the added benefit of our therapists not only all working together for the benefit of that child but the child experiencing a team behind them that supports and ensures that they are able to reach their highest level of success. 


5 Reasons why
Essential Speech and ABA Therapy 
is a smart investment:


Personal and Professional Growth

Owning an Essential Speech and ABA Therapy Facility, provides an opportunity for personal and professional growth, such as developing your leadership skills, expanding your knowledge base, and building relationships with other professionals in the field. 

Overall, investing in an Essential Speech and ABA Therapy facility can be a rewarding and profitable venture, with numerous benefits for both you and the clients you serve. 

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