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Recursos para padres

Hemos recopilado varios recursos para tratar de ayudarlo con respecto a su hijo y cómo nuestro enfoque puede ayudarlo.

Por supuesto, para cualquier información adicional, no dude en ponerse en contacto con la oficina más cercana a usted.

Social Stories

Social Stories, first developed by special education teacher Carol Grey in 1989, help children with ASD absorb new information in a child-friendly format. Using bright colors and fun images, social stories “fill in the blanks” of social interactions that many people take for granted. 

The goal of social stories is to help children adapt to new environments. Across several studies, social stories have been shown to improve social communication, conversational skills, and on-task behavior. To help your child learn new skills and reinforce lessons from our exceptional staff, we’ve prepared several social stories below: 


How to Calm My Body - In this short tale, your child will learn about regulating different emotions!

Quarterly Parent Newsletter

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