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Our Enrollment Process

After your initial intake call (where you contact the site you’re seeking services from), please complete the following steps: 

  • Fill out our intake paperwork and packets - We’ll send the packets to you by email.

  • Send us your child’s diagnostic report - We’ll share this report with our providers so that they can accommodate your child during the initial assessment. 


Once we receive your paperwork, you and your child will move on to the initial assessment. During this time, a certified BCBA will conduct an assessment with both you and your child. You’ll be asked to fill out the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (an assessment tool that uses a semi-structured interview to measure adaptive behaviors and support diagnoses) along with other approved assessments. The BCBA will also ask additional questions as well as trial skills with your child. If you’re seeking Speech or OT, our SLPs and OTRs may attend the session. If they are not present, your child’s SLP and OTR will perform an assessment once services start. When all three providers are present at the initial assessment, the process may take three hours to complete. Otherwise, the session will take one or two hours to complete.


Following the assessment, our providers will spend the next few days evaluating your child’s assessment and creating a treatment plan. Once completed, the provider will share a copy with you for review. Here, you’ll be able to ask questions, comment on goals, and send the plan to your insurance. 

Once the treatment plan is approved by your insurance, our staff will meet with you to discuss services. If your insurance denies hours or services, our providers will appeal on your behalf to ensure coverage for your child. Once the hours are approved, services will start. 


Please note that 90% of our clinical recommendations are required. For example, if a provider recommends 40 hours of ABA per week, your child must attend at least 36 hours to see maximized progress for your child and their goals. 

If you have any additional questions about the enrollment process, please contact the location you’re seeking services from!

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