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Sensory-Friendly Tips for Celebrating Independence Day

Independence Day can be overwhelming for those with sensory sensitivities, try these tips to make it a little easier

  1. PREPARE YOUR CHILD: Talk about where you are going and what is going to happen. Try showing videos of fireworks displays!

  2. CREATE A SAFE SPACE: Create an area that is just for your child. Bring their favorite snacks, toys, blanket or chair. Having a designated space can help your child feel more comfortable.

  3. BRING HEADPHONES: Parties and fireworks can be very loud and overwhelming. Consider bringing noise-cancelling headphones to help dampen the sound.

  4. DISTANCE YOURSELF: Large crowds can be over-stimulating for your child. Give yourself enough space to socially distance and de-stress. You can also try sitting a distance away from the fireworks display, somewhere you can enjoy the beautiful visuals but limit the booming noise.

  5. USE FLAGS INSTEAD OF SPARKLERS: Sparklers may seem harmless, but every year they cause nearly half of firework injuries. Instead of sparklers, try waving flags! You can also try a bubble machine or a disco/strobe light as an alternative to firework explosions.

  6. ASK FOR A BREAK: Make sure your child knows how to ask for a break when they need one. If your child is verbal, remind them to ask when necessary. Your child may also benefit from a visual aid. Create your own communication cards like the one below for your child to hand to you when they need a break.


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