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Quarterly Parent Newsletter - Q1 2024

Hello and welcome to our first newsletter of 2024!

In today’s newsletter, we wanted to discuss and try to answer a very important concept in ABA - is it important that your child maximizes attendance for their sessions, and why?

Why is Attendance So Important?

Click below for a quarterly update from Shelby Nelson, Clinical Director at Essential Speech and ABA Therapy and a BCBA, regarding the reason behind clinical recommendations and why attendance matters!

Shelby outlines several topics:

  1. Hours & Productivity

  2. Financial

  3. Continued Coverage

  4. Child & Staff Burnout

  5. Research

If you are interested in more on this topic, take a look at our written piece in our parent resources section:

In the News: Purpose Before Profit

One of Essential Speech and ABA Therapy founders, Nafisa Obi, had a chance to speak with Chad Silverstein of “Medium” to discuss the business. In particular, Obi outlined the benefits of running a purpose-driven business.

This piece touches on the mission of our company at every location and speaks further to clinical recommendations. Our team has one goal - serving you and your child, and using a gold-standard approach to do so!

To learn more about how Essential Speech and ABA Therapy’s goals, check out the full interview:

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