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Sensory-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Children with Autism

Are you the parent of a child who struggles with sensory processing? It's wonderful to have a list of sensory gift suggestions you can go to whenever a significant event, like the upcoming holiday season, is coming.

Getting Active/ Exercise / Stimulating Vestibular and Proprioceptive Systems

  1. How would you feel if you made their bikes the neighborhood's hottest item?

Active Life LED Tires can transform their bikes into something really cool!

2. Stepping Buckets Balance Builders

3. Or with a bit of hopping with the Space Hopper Ball

4. Or jumping on this cool trampoline

5. Unless they are too big for that one! In which case you may need to consider a real grownup trampoline!

6. Or even better, do you have a corner where you can create an indoors playground:

7. Stand, sit, and rock on a Teeter Popper!

8. A Swing!

The swinging motion has great benefits for kids:

  • it strengthens the vestibular and proprioceptive systems

  • it improves kids’ coordination, balance, body awareness, and concentration. This one (Spinner Swing) is great for the outdoors.

9. A Sandbox

Can you imagine your kids’ faces if they wake up to a sandbox in the backyard? This eco-friendly sandbox is a great choice.

You may not have space for such a big present, but you don´t need to give up on sand or similar textures:

10. Kinetic Play Sand

11. And since we are still talking about textures. How about a Slime Kit?!

12. Unless you really want the job done for you! Then you can go for this cool colorful slime

13. Playfoam is another nice present for those who like to feel different textures

Sensory Gifts for Toddlers

14. A Waterwheel Table

15. A Wooden Xylophone. Educational and entertaining!

  • great for learning musical harmony

  • and improves hand-eye coordination

16. Kids’ Ball Pit, Tents, and Tunnels:

And don´t forget to add the pack of 400 plastic balls to the mix


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